East End Park, Dunfermline

Welcome to the PST

The Vision

Together we will focus our support and passion for the Pars through the PST and to influence the key issues affecting DAFC through the Pars United CIC.

To unite all supporters on a common platform and to develop and deliver support for the maximum benefit of the Club and the communities in which we live.

To have a voice in DAFC with an initial investment of £173,088.00 into Pars United CIC and with an initial PST shareholding of 28.3% we are the largest share holder.

To provide each PST member, via annual subscription, with a direct link to the collective PST share holding in DAFC, together with your vote.

This is something all PST members should be very proud about and can say we did that together.

The Objectives

To engage the Pars supporters in a democratic process in the key issues affecting the club.

Deliver a straightforward method for supporters to invest in the club and have their voice heard.

Give maximum support to the players, the management and staff at the club.

Involve all sections of our communities in the `beautiful game`.

Pars Supporters Trust

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