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Pars Supporters Trust FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Pars Supporters Trust

What are our objectives ?
To engage the Pars supporters in a democratic process in the key issues affecting the club.
Deliver a straightforward method for supporters to have their voice heard.
Give maximum support to the players, the management and staff at the club.
Involve all sections of our communities in the `beautiful game`.
Make attendance at East End Park the highlight of the week and a sense of occasion for our younger supporters.
Increase and improve communication between DAFC and all supporters.

What is our vision ?
Together we will focus our support and passion for the Pars through the PST and to influence the key issues affecting DAFC through the Pars United CIC.
To unite all supporters on a common platform and to develop and deliver support for the maximum benefit of the Club and the communities in which we live.
To have a voice in DAFC the PST has the ability to appoint 1 director to the football club board and 2 directors to the board of Pars United CIC the holding company.
To provide each PST member, via annual subscription, with a direct link to the collective PST share holding in DAFC, together with your vote.
This is something all PST members should be very proud about and can say we did that together.

How do I join ?
You can join here through our website, by email to membership@parssupporterstrust.co.uk or on a match day by speaking to our OST board member on duty outside the club shop.
Yearly membership is from £20 with families with children under 18 qualifying for a discount.

   Adult Membership [GBP] 20 per year
  Adult and Child Membership [GBP] 20 per year
  Family Membership [GBP] 35 per year

How is the board selected ?
Our board is drawn democratically from our membership, with each board member serving 4 years between elections. If you wish to become a board member please contact us at info@parssupporterstrust.co.uk.

Who is the current board ?

  • Drew Main - Chairman & DAFC Board member

  • Gordon Milne - Vice Chair & Pars United CIC Board member

  • Timothy Curle - Secretary

  • David Blackburn - Treasurer

  • Heather Pryde - Membership Secretary

  • Adam Shepherd - Pars United CIC Board member

  • Kathryn Main - Visual Communications

  • Hamish Ferguson - Social Media

  • Josephine Chesby - Events

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